15 Date Ideas Under $50

By Tua | September 22, 2018

Whether you’re going on a first date or want to spice up your night with your significant other (S.O.), sometimes we need some fresh ideas that won’t break the bank. Be sure to check if there’s an app for deals in your city and keep up with your local paper to find new, different, and often inexpensive events near you. In the meantime, here are some ideas that might spark some ideas for under $50.

1. Food truck crawl
Estimated Cost: $40

Food trucks are a great way to try new foods and enjoy some new experiences. Before you go, do some research together with your S.O. and come up with 2 trucks each that you want to sample, and make a day of it. Food trucks are usually downtown or in areas close to events, so check them out and walk off the food between trucks. Don’t forget the classic dessert food trucks like cookie dough or mini-donuts to end your day on a sweet note.

2. Tour a brewery
Estimated Cost: $10-20

Some breweries will offer free tours and discounted sample beers at the end of the tour. It’s a great way to learn more about your favorite brews and educate yourself more on the whole process. You can come away feeling more knowledgeable and impress your friends while taking the edge off with a few beers.

3. Bowling, mini-golf, driving range, go-karts
Estimated Cost: Varies

Sometimes it’s good to get out and do something a little more active. Not to mention it’s interesting to see the competitive side come out from one another. Try bowling, mini-golf, a driving range, or go-karting… you can often get some good rates and it’s bound to create memories.

4. Dress up and go for cocktails at a cocktail bar or speakeasy
Estimated Cost: $45

Often speakeasies need reservations so be sure to book ahead, but your S.O. will be impressed when you walk into one of these chic establishments and order some fancy cocktails. Sit at the bar, improve your knowledge of cocktails by conversing with the mixologist, and enjoy watching the creation of your cocktails. Try ordering 3 out of the ordinary cocktails and share them. Each cocktail should run under $15.

5. Indoor rock climbing
Estimated Cost: $40-50

For the more adventurous and sporty out there, indoor rock climbing may be the next fitness challenge you’re looking for. Whether you’re just getting to know each other or you’re a long-time couple, this experience will create an instant bond.

6. Board game cafe
Estimated Cost: $12/2 hours

These quaint little cafes can be such a hit with a walk down memory lane - playing a classic favorite - or a total brain teaser learning a new game. Beginners and game aficionados alike can enjoy the games and you may discover another side to your S.O. There’s usually a minimal hourly fee ($3ish/person) but totally worth it for the ultimate board game experience.

7. Happy Hours
Estimated Cost: $15-45

Definitely an underrated experience. Pull out a calendar with your S.O. and map out which places you want to try and when, in order to take advantage of your favorite deals for the different nights of the week. Some places offer their regularly priced cocktails ($13-20 a piece), wine, and beer for just $5. Try multiple drinks you wouldn’t normally and enjoy some great deals on appetizers to boot! Happy hours can run Sun-Thurs any time before 7pm and after 9pm.

8. Afternoon at a museum
Estimated Cost: Varies (some suggest a donation, but most are no more than $20)

Take some time to feel cultured and educate yourself for an afternoon or evening. This may help spur some new interests or conversation topics. Museums can range anywhere from art to science to sports to history. There’s bound to be a museum for everyone.

9. Go to the movies…for cheap
Estimated Cost: $10 plus any snacks you might want

Netflix is a wonderful thing but sometimes you just want to get out. Movies these days just seem to be getting pricier but in almost every city you can find cheap seats or switch it up and go to a matinee for half the price. This way you can actually afford to get some popcorn and snacks too.

10. Trivia at a local pub
Estimated Cost: $20

Get your think on at a local pub that offers trivia night. If you like a good brain teaser or have one of those brains that retains random facts, you may find yourself in your new favorite activity. Test your knowledge on everything from music to pop culture and get ready to win some awesome prizes - the bar might even pick up your tab. These evenings are often free and provide a great environment if you want to hang out with another couple, make new friends, or have a great time with your S.O.

11. Karaoke
Estimated Cost: $25

While this may seem like a daunting idea at first, don’t dismiss it right away. Remember it’s easier to sing in front of people after having enjoyed a few libations. Let your date choose the song and go up and sing it together; you might surprise yourselves with your talent or enjoy a good laugh and just bring ear plugs for the audience next time. Once you’ve done your bit, sit back, relax, and enjoy listening and making fun of the others.

12. Farmer’s market
Estimated Cost: Varies

Partake in the farm-to-table trend without the big price tag. Hit up a local farmer’s market and stroll through the aisles, be inspired by the seasonal produce, and bring back a few items for your take home feast. If cooking is a little overwhelming for you both, try a simple stir-fry or just pick up some apples for a nice apple pie (you can cheat and buy the crust). It’ll taste better knowing you supported local farmers.

13. Roller Skating/Ice Skating
Estimated Cost: $10-$20

Remember how fun those roller-skating birthday parties were as a kid? Bring your S.O. for a nice little throwback and you’ll be cruising along like a pair of 13-year old’s all over again. Check to see if there’s a roller rink in your area that offers skating times just for adults or better yet if there’s one with a bar.

Alternatively, you can go ice skating at a nearby rink. Check for public skate times and if you already have skates, just pay a small entrance fee. We’ll see who holds who up. Surprise your S.O. by bringing some hot chocolate to warm you up afterwards.

14. Stand-up comedy show
Estimated Cost: $20-35

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. So, whether it’s been a long work week or you’re just out for a good time, comedy shows are bound to hit the spot. Many comedians who appear on late night TV shows can be found in hole in the wall places, so be sure to do your research. Who knows, you might come across the next Amy Poehler and then you can say you saw them back when.

15. Take a yoga class
Estimated Cost: $10-20; Many first classes are free, depending on the studio

Are either you or your S.O. a yogi? If yes, great, go and show them your support or let them support you. Maybe you can teach each other a few tips or just relish in the fact that you/they’re taking interest in your/their hobby. If not, then go and enjoy a class and laugh at each other as you try some of the more challenging positions. Perhaps stop for a healthy smoothie at the end to round off the evening.