5 Lessons

By Tua | September 22, 2018

Over the last couple of years I have been shooting documentaries and corporate videos across multiple countries and a myriad of topics. I have shot hundreds of subjects and found that I really liked to ask (what some may call) off topic questions. However, to me these questions were perfectly on target. I am extremely interested in people's "why". What makes them tick? What is their decisioning process? Do they have a focus? Do they have a "why"? What is their hero’s journey?

This led to some excellent conversations, and invaluable data. As I combed through my findings and reflected on conversation around several topics, trends started to reveal themselves. Below are 5 topics that consistently were represented in the answers of my subjects. In no way were these the only answers, but most answers I got could be boiled down into these 5. They are in no particular order of importance or ranking.

1- Don’t run with wolves
When you run with wolves, you're a wolf. This has always been one of my favorite sayings. The essence can be boiled down to, choose your people/pack. Your success, mindset, and attitude will be directly influenced by your circle.

2- Invest
Where you invest your time, your riches will be. I think the counter to this is also just as powerful. Willingness to say no and also eliminate distractions that are not inline with your values or goals.

3- Set goals and a focus
This one made the most sense, but there was a variant I found profound. Of course, leaders of a company, experts of industry know how to set goals and create laser like focus to achieve that goal. I think the element I found better than that was the insight that goals can be agile. As an athlete, I am great at running into the same wall expecting that the next time I will go through it. With goals, you learn along the way, you find a better way or a collaboration that can expedite or exponentially grow the goal. Be agile with your goal, but don’t lose focus on the end game.

4- Own it
It is up to YOU to own your health, time, fitness, money, mindset, and relationships. Often, whether we realize or not, we give control to others and allow our dreams to be molded by others. Either that or we use it as an excuse for why we failed. It takes absolute courage to OWN your life. Ultimately, it is you to blame, good or bad. OWN IT!

5- Every decision counts
One of the biggest lies is that small decisions are inconsequential. There really is no such thing as a small decision. The hierarchy of decisioning looks like this...your decisions create habits, and your habits create your character. So on a micro scale, sure, hitting the snooze or having that extra donut really doesn't hurt anyone. OR does it? Exercise that delayed gratification muscle, plan and prep ahead so that from the first decision of the day(skipping the snooze) is earning you credit in the positive decision bank.

I hope that these insights can inspire you to examine your life and find a way for self-improvement. We are all on this journey together and striving to grow and improve everyday, from high level execs to, entry-level employees, to stay-at-home moms and professional athletes. Own your story!